How A Tow Truck Company Received 4233% More Traffic To Their Website In 4 Months

In this digital marketing case study, we were able to take one of our client’s Tow Truck Companies from a nobody, to one of the leading Towing Companies in the area.  In a 4 month period, we took a local tow truck company from the 9th page of Google, to ranking #1 in Google for their target keywords.

We were able to rank our clients towing website on the first page of Google for many different keywords, which in brings in hundreds of customers to their business every single month.  And today, I am going to talk you through the whole process!

This Case Study is very in depth, and talks about all the technical aspects of generating traffic to a small business’s website, so please set aside some time to read through the whole post!

Who Am I?

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Before I dive into the case study, I would love to introduce myself to everyone reading this post.  My name is Andrew, and I am the Owner of VisiGrow Marketing.  We are a complete digital marketing agency that works with local businesses in many different industries.  In this case study we are working with a Tow Truck company, and since we have worked with multiple towing companies, as well as many different local businesses in other industries, we believe we are the best at what we do because we have received proven results with our clients.

So lets jump straight into it!

Background information about the Towing Company

This towing company is still one of our clients to this day because they are so satisfied with our services, so because they are still one of our clients, we will do our best to keep their website and company name anonymous.

This company is located in North Carolina, and their towing services cover 1 large city and multiple smaller cities and surrounding suburbs.SEO for a towing company  The large city is our primarily target market and has an estimated population of around 500,000 residents and growing every year.

The importance of SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the strategy and set of techniques to help a website rank higher in search engines such as Google for certain keywords.

For example:  If someone is looking for a towing company in Charlotte North Carolina, the first thing they will do is head to Google and search a keyword such as “Charlotte Towing” or “Charlotte Tow Truck”, with SEO you are able to help your website be one of the first websites to show up for certain keywords.

“93% of all people who use Google, will go to one of the first 5 websites that show up for any specific Google Search”

One of the best things that a small business can do to get more customers, is to rank on the first page of Google for key phrases in their location.  For example:  A towing company in Charlotte North Carolina who is ranking on the first page of Google for the key phrase “Charlotte Towing” will receive hundreds of visits to their website compared to a towing company in Charlotte North Carolina who aren’t ranked on the first page of Google for the same key phrase.

Starting Keyword Rankings & Search Volume

The Central North Carolina area, along with every city in America, has hundreds and thousands of people searching for Towing services every single month.  Our client targeted central North Carolina as their target location, and the below graph shows how many people in this area are searching for a tow truck every single month.

As you can see with the graph to the left, there are many different keywords that people in the Central North Carolina area are typing into Google, and each keyword has a different amount of people who are searching it.  For example, over 800 people are searching the term “towing service raleigh NC” every single month.


The most important keywords are obviously the ones with the largest amount of search volume, and these are the keywords we want to target.  These are just 19 keywords in the Raleigh area that has over 3,000 people searching these terms every month.


And the incredible part is that there are hundreds and hundreds of different keywords that are each getting hundreds of searches every month in the city of Raleigh, and this isn’t even including the hundreds of keywords for the dozens of nearby cities.  Over all of the different cities and surrounding area, there are thousands and thousands of people who are searching for a tow truck or different kinds of towing services.


When me and my team first started working with this North Carolina Towing company, we had a lot of work to do.  When somebody searched for a towing company in Raleigh, our clients website didn’t show up until the 9th page of Google.  Below is a chart that shows some of the initial rankings that our client had in the very beginning.How to grow a towing company with digital marketing

These are just a few rankings that our client had in the very beginning, and as you can see they aren’t ranked anywhere near the 1st page of Google (spots 1-10).  The best ranking they had was for the keyword “Towing Services Durham NC” which only received around 50 searches per month, and unfortunately they weren’t receiving any views to their website because they were ranked on the 4th page of Google.

As you can see, this towing company wasn’t ranking very well for different keywords, and what was even worse was that they weren’t even ranking at all for the Raleigh based keywords even though that was the city they were located in.

I can’t stress how important it is to rank on the first page of Google, because if you aren’t ranked on the 1st page of Google, you will not be receiving any of these customers to your website.

Within 10 miles of Raleigh is a smaller city of Garner, North Carolina.  Garner is a much smaller city, but it still has a population of around 50,000 people.  Since this is a smaller city, it should be easier to rank on the first page of Google compared to larger cities.  Unfortunately, my client was the 95th website to show up when some searched for the keyword “Garner Towing”.

Towing Company marketing

Garner is a smaller city located near our target location, as you can see, our client started out ranked on the 9th page of Google for the keyword “Garner Towing”

As you should understand now, ranking on the first page of Google is a way to receive hundreds if not thousands of potential customers to your website, and our client wasn’t receiving any of these customers because they weren’t ranking well in Google.  This is the first thing we did to generate hundreds of customers for our client.

In the next few sections, we go through different issues that our clients website had, which many towing companies struggle with, and how we fixed these problems.

Technical Website Errors and Sitemap

One of the most common things that small businesses struggle with when developing their website is keeping their website “error free”.  There are many different kinds of website errors that may occur with your website, but the most common ones are “404 Web Errors”.  Often times, these errors will display an image like the one below.

Towing company website design and SEO

When the 404 error occurs, this means that there is a problem with the linking of webpages during the backend of your website.

So for example if you have a clickable link on your website such as an “about us” page, or a “location” page, but these pages aren’t correctly linking to the correct location, then this will display a 404 error.

From my experience, I would confidently say that 95% of small business websites have these 404 errors without the owner even knowing about it.

These errors not only drastically decrease your websites rankings in Google because this makes Google believe your website isn’t reliable.  If you are able to get rid of these errors, it not only increases the rankings and trust that Google will give to your website, it will also drastically increase the customer experience because nothing is more frustrating for a customer than when they receive an error on a website.  Often times a customer will receive an error and then decide to go to a different website because of this.

Along with checking for errors, one of the most important things you can do for your website is making sure your Website Sitemap is set up correctly.  If you don’t know what a Website Sitemap is, then chances are it isn’t set up correctly on your website which is drastically hurting your websites rankings in Google.

A website Sitemap is simply a webpage on your website that will tell Google, what kind of pages and information is on your website.  If this isn’t set up correctly, then Google won’t understand what your website is about, and then therefore won’t rank your website for certain keywords.

A Website Sitemap is a very technical aspect of websites, but is one of the first thing that me and my team checks whenever we work with a new client because it is one of the most important things.

Website Speed and Mobile Friendly

In 2017 and in the future to come, more and more Google searches are performed on mobile devices.  In fact, in 2017, more than 70% of all Google Searches are done from a mobile device such as a smart phone.  This makes it more important than ever that your website is mobile friendly.

Our North Carolina client had an older website that was never optimized to work on mobile devices.  If you aren’t sure or not if your website is mobile friendly or how fast your website is, Google has a Website Speed testing tool as well as a mobile friendly test tool, which we used to test our clients website.

Towing Company mobile speed test

Our clients website received a grade of 64/100 for mobile friendliness.


By inputting our clients website URL into Google’s Mobile Friendliness test, our clients website received a 64/100 which is considered an “F” grading.  There was many things that need to be changed and updated with their website such as optimizing the java and graphics to be smaller, as well as optimizing the JaveScript and CSS of the website.

These are very technical aspects of the websites, but they will create a website that is fluid and smooth which will provide the customers with a much more enjoyable experience.  Along with a better customer experience, this will also allow Google to trust your website more because it is more accessible for mobile users, which in turn, will help increase your website rankings in Google.

Along with having a mobile friendly website, you must strive for a website that operates quickly and smoothly.  We used Google’s Speed Tool to test our Client’s website, and it along with the mobile friendly test, our website also failed.

towing company website optimization

Our clients desktop website was even slower and more unreliable than then mobile website.

Website speed and creating a mobile friendly website is incredibly important with building trust with Google, which will help increase the rankings of your website.  But more importantly, it creates a website that your customers will enjoy and love to be on.

On-Page SEO & Keyword Density

The previous sections were all related to the backend of the websites, and all of the technical aspects of website that are incrediblly important for your rankings and for the customer experience of the website.  But the On-Page SEO and Keyword Density are often thought of as the building blocks of search engine optimization.

The On-Page search engine optimization (On-Page SEO) is everything that is happens with the content of your website, so all of the words and images that appear on your website.  On-Page SEO is the best way for you to rank your website for different keywords that people are searching for.  So for example, if you are looking to expand your towing company to a new area, you must create content, or write post that is about that new location, and if you don’t then you will never rank for those keywords.

How to start a tow truck company

The one thing that makes On-Page SEO incredibly difficult, is that Google changes their algorithm or what they are looking for in websites all the time.  If you were doing On-Page SEO in 2010, you could just type in your targeted keyword, for example “Raleigh Towing” many times throughout your post, and you would rank well for the keyword “Raleigh Towing”.

But unfortunately, in 2017, On-Page SEO is much more difficult than it was in the past.  Google places great emphasis on keyword density for your articles, so much so that it will drastically punish your website’s rankings if the keyword density is too high.  If Google believe’s you have a too high of keyword density ratio, (if your target keyword appears too many times compared to the total amount of words) then they will consider your website to be spammy and make sure that your websites ranks very poorly for that keyword.

So the best way to to rank for a keyword is to strategically go through each and every piece of content that you have on your website and optimize the keyword density for each and every keyword along with multiple different aspects of On-Page SEO such as keyword density, image optimization, heading content, heading tags, meta tags, meta content, and the local NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number of the business).

On-Page SEO is an incredibly technical aspect of internet marketing that has taken my team years to master and develop a full proof plan to optimize our clients websites that we back up with incredible results.

Website Backlinks

Towing Company Marketing

All of these websites were linking to our website, but these were spammy websites that we had to get rid of.

On-Page SEO is only half of the battle, the second biggest aspect in regards to ranking your website higher in Google is backlinks.  To keep it simple, backlinks are when another website links back to your website. Google places a huge importance on the amount of high quality backlinks a website has.  With the key point being “high quality”.

Many websites have a large amount of backlinks, but most of these backlinks are spammy and create no authority to your website.  This was the same case that our client was in.  Our client had hired a digital marketing company multiple years previous to working with us, and this absolutely destroyed their website authority.

So one of the first things that must be done with every single website is to take a deep analyze of your website’s backlink profile, and get rid of all of the spammy and un-authoritative links that your website has generated.  This is a very long and tedious process, but it must be done in order to improve your websites rankings.

The image to the right is a long list of backlinks that were linking to our clients website, the problem is that all of these links were harmful to our rankings for a couple different reasons.

  1. The backlinks are from spammy websites.
  2. The backlinks are from untrustworthy websites
  3. The backlinks are from websites that have nothing to do with Towing.
  4. The backlinks are from websites that aren’t local to our location.

When you are building backlinks for your website, you must be very, very careful that the backlinks you build are from strong & powerful websites, are related to you niche, and are related to your location.

We had to go in and analyze every single website to see if we should delete the backlink or to allow it to link to the website, along with this we had to create more powerful backlinks to the website.

Within the 4 months, we had create hundreds of powerful backlinks to drastically increase the authority and rankings of our clients website.  We created many different kinds of backlinks such as:

  • Social Signals
  • Local Citations
  • Google Citations
  • Blog Posts
  • Blog Comments
  • Forum Posts
  • Video Backlinks
  • Press Releases
  • Directory backlinks
  • Contextual backlinks
  • RSS Feed Submissions
  • Image backlinks
  • Web 2.0’s
  • PDF backlinks
  • Infographic backlinks
  • Wikipedia backlinks

There are many, many different types of backlinks that can be used to link to your website.  Some of these backlinks provide much better ranking benefits than others, but developing backlink profiles is incredibly delicate because if you get it wrong, you will end up causing your website to rank even worse than before.  But if done correctly, then it will drastically help improve the ranking of your website.

Final Website Rankings

After we fixed all of the technical aspects of our clients website such as the website errors, the website sitemap, the website speed, creating a mobile friendly website, optimizing the On-Page SEO, and developing a website backlink strategy, we were able to see incredible results in the amount of traffic their website recieved every single month.

The website in the very beginning was only receiving around 12 visits every single month, after a 4 month campaign we were able to generate over 500 visits every single month and growing.

After our marketing campaign, the towing company went from ranking on the 9th page of Google for many different keywords, to ranking in the very 1st position for their targeted keywords.

Growing a towing company

We were able to get our client to rank number one for their targeted keyword, which has over 1,200 people searching it every single month.

In the above picture, you can see that we were able to rank our client in the number one position for the largest towing keyword in our area.  By ranking number one for this keyword, we are able to receive hundreds of customers coming to our clients website and calling our clients phone every single month just from ranking number one for this keyword.

grow your tow truck business

We were able to rank our clients website in the 2nd position for the second biggest keyword in the area.

Along with ranking in the first position for the largest keyword in the area, we also were able to rank our client’s website for the second biggest keyword in the area.  This keyword has hundreds of monthly searches, which results in our clients getting hundreds of calls every single month from this keyword.

Along with these two keyword rankings, we have been able to rank on the first page for dozens of different keywords throughout our target city, and multiple different cities nearby.

 Final Thoughts

In the matter of months, we were able to take our clients towing company website from recieving only a few visitors every single week, to recieving hundreds of visitors and phone calls every single month.  And this amount of visitors are reoccuring everysingle month because the website is ranking at the very top of Google, and a good amount of people who are looking for a towing company in central North Carolina will end up on our clients website.

I hope this indepth guide is able to help all the towing companies who are looking to grow their company.


Me and my team are the only digital marketing company that worse almost primarily with towing companies because we truly understand the industry.  If you would like to grow your business and get more customers calling your phones every single month, we would love to help you grow your business.

Feel free to fill out our Discovery Form to see if we are a good match for each other!

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